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Technical advisory

Technical Advisory India

The global food supply chain is growing more and more complex...Detailed Project Report for Food Processingmore


Regulatory advisory

Food Regulatory Consultant

These days food safety has become one of the major concerns for...Food Processing Advisor Indiamore


Engineering services

Food Processing Advisor India

Our company specializes in providing best engineering consulting... more


Merger & acquisition

Feasibility study in Food Processing

The Chairman of our company Dr. Sagar Anand Kurade and...Suman Project Consultant Pvt. ltdmore


Market Assistance

Marketing Assistant

Today the food market has become quite complex and for a start-up...more


Cereal, Pulses, Grain And Biscuit Manufacturing Consultant

We understand the importance of different cereals, pulses and grains in the food we eat that is why we are providing best services in the country as a cereal, pulses and grain consultant. We have created a special place for ourselves as a Rice Consultant throughout India. We also provide services such as feasibility reports, creating project profiles and maintaining market studies of different companies and clients the list is given below.


Cereal, Grain & Pulses Processing
Turnkey Consultancy
No. Client Type of Project
1 Jaiprakash Associates Limited, (New Delhi) Soya Bean and Mustard Processing Plant at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Feasibility Report
2 Cilson Food Products Ltd. Bihar Edible oil & vanaspati processing
3 Jai Prakash Associates Ltd. Report on Soya Bean and Mustard Processing Plant at Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
4 Kisan Rice Industries Pvt. Ltd., Nalanda, Bihar Establishment of Parboiled Rice Mill
5 Molson Enterprises Ltd., Hyderabad Cereal and Grain Storage & Milling Plant
6 Multitech International, New Delhi Integrated processing of paddy
7 Surya Vinayak Industries Ltd. (New Delhi) Cultivation and Processing for Soya bean in Madhya Pradesh.
Project Profile
8 Agricultural Finance Corp. Mumbai Integrated Wheat Flour Mill & Biscuit/Cookie making Plant in Nigeria
9 R.A.B. Silva Pvt. Ltd. Goa Small Scale Bakery Plant
10 Shiva Paper Mills Ltd., New Delhi Instant Noodles Processing Plant
11 Surya Vinayak Industries Ltd., New Delhi. Cultivation and Processing for Soya bean in Madhya Pradesh.
12 S. M. Group, Guwahati, Assam Pre-Feasibility Report on Soydal Analogue Processing Plant
Market Study
Can be undertaken on request