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The global food supply chain is growing more and more complex...Detailed Project Report for Food Processingmore


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These days food safety has become one of the major concerns for...Food Processing Advisor Indiamore


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Food Processing Advisor India

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Feasibility study in Food Processing

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We Suman Project Consultant (P) limited are a name known in food processing business. We provide our expert consultancy services in all the fields including the meat department. We try and have achieved success in giving the best services as a Meat Processing Consultant. We have the experience of working with the leading names as well as different state governments. The list of clients and services provided to them is given for you to see.


Meat Processing CONSULTANT
Turnkey Consultancy
No. Client Type of Project
1 Govt. of Maldives, Maldives Tuna fish processing
2 Haley Fisheries, Mumbai Frozen fish storage
3 Wagle Exports Pvt. Ltd., Goa Aquaculture of shrimps & prawns
Feasibility Report
4 Govt. of Maldives, Maldives Tuna fish processing/canning
5 Haley Fisheries, Mumbai Freezing & cold storage of fish
6 JRK Sea Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Processing & freezing of shrimps
7 Manas Associates Pvt. Ltd. Assam Slaughtering & processing of chicken broilers into whole dressed & cut-up parts as well as Tandoori-style & Kababs / Nuggets
8 National Meat & Poultry Processing Board (Minsitry of Food Processing Govt. of India, New Delhi) Greening of Meat & Poultry Processing Sector Study.
9 UP Mandi Parisad (U.P) Fresh frozen fish procurement storage & distribution
Project Profile
10 Agricultural Finance Corp. Ltd. Mumbai Cattle & Poultry Feed Processing Plant in Nigeria
11 Government of Goa, Goa Integrated piggy & Pork Slaughtering & Processing
12 JRK Sea Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Shrimp Processing Plant
Market Study
13 Manas Associates, Assam A Study involving product mix & Market Assessment for dressed & cut-up Chicken Broilers in New Delhi