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Latest News

  • JANUARY 2007

Company appointed by Intertrade Food and Agro Processing Pvt. Ltd. to undertake Feasibility Study on Integrated Pack-House in Maharastra. Company appointed by Intertrade Food and Agro Processing Pvt. Ltd. to undertake Feasibility Study on Onion and Dehydration Plant in Maharastra.

  • MAY 2007

MARKFED appoints SPCL to execute and Commission a complete Food Testing Laboratory in Ropar, Punjab.

  • AUGUST 2007

Assam Industrial Development Corporation appoints SPCL to undertake concept paper on Banana Industrial Growth Center in Assam.

  • NOVEMBER 2007

Ministry of Food Processing, Government of India, appoints SPCL to undertake detailed Review of FPO 1955 order.

Company Updates :
  • SPCL has prepared in submitted lay out plans and request for quote as well as tenders for Food Testing Laboratory for MARKFED Punjab.
  • Recommendation on second set of strategic initiative to be undertaken by PepsiCo International has been accepted by the Company.
  • Feasibility study undertaken for Intertrade Food and Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd. has been submitted and accepted.
  • SPCL has been shortlisted by Ministry of External Affairs by Govt. of India to execute and commission Potato Processing Plant in Kyrgyzstan.
  • AIDC Ltd. accepts recommendation of SPCL on Banana Industrial Development Center in Asssam.
  • Tannin extraction plant from Pomogranate peels of Karat Noor Persian Company, Iran, was commissioned in Decemeber 2007.