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Technical advisory

Technical Advisory India

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Regulatory advisory

Food Regulatory Consultant

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Engineering services

Food Processing Advisor India

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Merger & acquisition

Feasibility study in Food Processing

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Market Assistance

Marketing Assistant

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Nuts and Spices Processing Consultant

Nut And Spices Consultant

Suman Project Consultants, the top food consultants in India offers the nut and spices consultancy. In India, nuts and spices are produced at a large number and India being the largest market of these products, consultancy related production, manufacturing and plant processing are really needed. Suman Food Consultants India as nut processing consultants helps to set up a fully automated processing plant and bring operational efficiency and profitability.

Items need to get produced and developed as per the targeted customers and following the guidelines. And technology plays a huge part in the smooth operational activities of the plants.

We help in manufacturing, producing, seasoning, shelving and, shipping of the items.

Nut processing:

Whether refined in a variety of ways, as an ingredient or straight from the shell, nuts are used everywhere in our culinary world. Nut processing involves the following steps.

  • Preliminary cleaning
  • Roasting
  • Shelling separation
  • Drying

We use machines which are highly economical and also extremely gentle to the product. From cleaning and separation to roasting and grinding processes, we offer end to end solutions across the entire processing system. For the production of the premium quality nut products, we provide highly qualified consulting services.

Spice Processing:

We build state of the art spice processing plants for our clients. Our spice processing plant has the following features.

  • System with drier
  • 7 stage cleaning
  • Cool and innovative grinding technology
  • Different grinding place and process for different spices
  • Proper roasting facility
  • No hand touch
  • Food grade epoxy flooring
  • No dust system
  • Inhouse cold storage
  • Inhouse proper lab testing
  • Facility for colour, pungency, curcumin of spices

We have been providing spice consulting services to our clients for years and helping them to set up plants.