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Food Processing Advisor India

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Feasibility study in Food Processing

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No. Client Type of Project
1 Agro Odour Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Retainership after commissioning the plant
2 Allahabad Canning Co., Uttar Pradesh Retainership
3 Aqueous Victual Ltd. (U.P) Retainership
4 Avon Foods Pvt Ltd. (U.P) Retainership
5 Dawsen & Company, Kolkata Retainership & Evaluation of existing pickle, sauce & chutney plant for expansion
6 Dr. Writers Chocolates & Canning Co., Mumbai Retainership
7 Dr. Rege's Laboratories (Goa) Regulatory Advisory on Nutraceuticals Products manufacture in Goa
8 Department of Industries, Govt. of Bihar, Bihar Project Managemet Consultant for Food Processing Projects in Bihar.
9 Engro Chemicals Pakistan Ltd. Technical Study on Multi Fruit and Vegetable Pulp and Concentrate Processing plant in Pakistan.
10 Gopi Industries Pvt Ltd., Sonipat Retainership after commissioning the plant & technical audit during/after processing of bulk orders
11 Gujarat Agro Industries Corp. Ltd., Gujarat Retainership after commissioning the plant
12 Hindustan Lever Ltd., Mumbai Retainership
13 Hort.ProduceMktg. & Processing Corp. Ltd, H.P Retainership after commissioning plant
14 Indana Spices & Food Industries Ltd., New Delhi Retainership & Technical audit of processed spices & Pickle
15 Jams Technologies, (New Delhi) Regulatory Advisory on Energy Drinks
16 Lakhanpal – Indus. Ltd., Gujarat Retainership for guidance in Agri Processing activities & take over of processing plant
17 Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Mumbai Evaluation of canned food products for export
18 Lumbini Noodles Indus Pvt Ltd., Nepal Retainership
19 Mather & Platt (I) Ltd., Mumbai Retainership
20 NAFED Ltd., New Delhi Evaluation of the New Delhi Plant for up-grading & modernization
21 NAFED Ltd., New Delhi Evaluation of Food Testing Lab (BOT Basis) in Umranala, District, Chindwara, M.P.
22 Nestle India Ltd., New Delhi Evaluation of processing plants
23 North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Ltd., (NERAMAC) Guwahati, Assam Project Managemet Consultant for Food Processing Projects in North East.
24 Oceanic Dehydrates Pvt Ltd., Gujarat Retainership after commissioning the plant
25 Shingote Processed Foods Pvt Ltd., Maharashtra Evaluation of plant prior to acquisition & Retainership
26 Shree Doon Valley Foods Pvt Ltd., Retainership
27 Socoin India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Evaluation of a canning & Pickle Plant prior to acquisition
28 State Trading Corp. Ltd., New Delhi Retainership & Evaluation of Export
29 Sun Biotechnology Ltd. Pectinase Assessment of Fruit Juices.
30 Tims Products, Kolkata Retainership
31 UP Hortico Ltd. (U.P) Retainership
32 WIMCO Ltd., Mumbai Technical audit of processed products
33 XXL Drinks Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Regulatory Advisory on Energy Drinks