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Technical advisory

Technical Advisory India

The global food supply chain is growing more and more complex...Detailed Project Report for Food Processingmore


Regulatory advisory

Food Regulatory Consultant

These days food safety has become one of the major concerns for...Food Processing Advisor Indiamore


Engineering services

Food Processing Advisor India

Our company specializes in providing best engineering consulting... more


Merger & acquisition

Feasibility study in Food Processing

The Chairman of our company Dr. Sagar Anand Kurade and...Suman Project Consultant Pvt. ltdmore


Market Assistance

Marketing Assistant

Today the food market has become quite complex and for a start-up...more

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Trade Services

Trade Services
No. Client Service Provided
1 Cipla Ltd. Supply of Lactase Enzyme
2 Dunya Trading Import KB, Sweden Mango Pulp
3 Lumis Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Xylanase Enzyme
4 Meera Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Invertase Enzyme
5 Nectafresh Agro Foods, Uttarakhand Invertase Enzyme
6 Ottoinc, Mumbai Invertase Enzyme
7 Rich Fine Additives Pvt. Ltd., Ajmer, Rajasthan Honey Grade Invert Sugar Syrup
8 Ramkripa Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Invertase Enzyme