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Technical advisory

Technical Advisory- Suman Project Consultants

The global food supply chain is growing more and more complex...Food Processing Advisor Indiamore


Regulatory advisory

Regulatory Advisory- Suman Project

These days food safety has become one of the major concerns for...Food Processing Advisor Indiamore


Engineering services

Food Processing Advisor- Suman Project

Our company specializes in providing best engineering consulting... Food Regulatory Consultant Indiamore


Merger & acquisition

Suman Project Consultants

The Chairman of our company Dr. Sagar Anand Kurade and...Suman Food Consultantsmore


Market Assistance

Market Assistance- Suman Project Consultants India

Today the food market has become quite complex and for a start-up...Suman Projectmore


Welcome to Suman Project Consultants

Suman Project Consultants (P) Ltd. is one of the leading Food Consultant in India. The company since its establishment in 1971 has been successfully offering result-oriented consulting services in Agriculture, Marine, and Food processing sector. We are known as the ideal Food Project Consultant offering complete range of consulting services, ranging from conceptualization to commission of projects within the food processing sector.

We have a team of professionals who hold expertise in providing consultancy services in different areas of food industry such as Food Technology, Agriculture Science, and Engineering etc. We also work as Food Regulatory Consultant offering our services for a wide range of food and supplement products industry. more

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Girish Subramanium

Senior Manager
PepsiCo - Senior Manager Asia Pacific R&D 2006. - 2011.

Sagar Kurade is a highly accomplished professional leading Suman Project Consultants. His team provides excellent services in Strategic Market Studies and Techno-Economic Feasibility Assessments in the Food Processing sector. The high levels of skill, professionalism and integrity of his organization bring tangible results and value to projects. Wishing Sagar the best in further achievements

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